The Benefits Of Badge Lanyards

It’s quite common to see people such as students and employees walking around with a badge lanyard. Badge lanyards are worn around the neck to conveniently display IDs or badges. The lanyards come in different designs and colors that have combined fun and functionality in this accessory.

There are various benefits in wearing lanyards. Here are some reasons why a lot of companies, schools and organizations are using these.

1. Lanyards help keep us safe

There have been a lot of incidents that have caused concern about security and how most people are vulnerable to harm. Parents are now worried about how safe their kids are in school. Business owners look for ways to protect their employees, customers, and merchandise.

One basic way to reinforce security is by ensuring that it is easy to identify the people at a specific place. Schools and offices require that IDs be worn at all times to lessen the chances of an intruder. A badge lanyard makes it convenient for students and employees to fulfill this requirement.

Color coded lanyards have also been used to distinguish students from faculty at schools. Companies also use this approach in offices for various reasons.

2. Lanyards create business

Badge LanyardsBusiness owners use badge lanyards as low cost marketing tools. A lanyard functions as a miniature advertisement to promote the company and create more business. Employees help spread word about their company simply by walking around while wearing their lanyard. Whether it’s while they’re on their lunch hour or commuting to or from work, employees become product endorsers for their company.

The lanyard also reinforces a business’ presence in a specific area to promote people’s confidence in their brand and encourage a prospect’s trust. It’s quite common for a consumer to choose a bigger company to do business with rather than a small one they’d never heard of.

With a lot of options available, business owners are able to create the most effective lanyard for their company. They can choose colors and styles to ensure that these lanyards get the desired attention from their customers and prospects. They can appear to be playful or serious through their chosen lanyard style.

3. Lanyards help spread awareness

Lanyards are also used by charitable organizations to get more support for their cause. These are used at fundraisers or other events to ensure to identify the individuals who can provide the information a participant needs. Badge lanyards printed with a message from the organizations are also often sold or given away at these events.

Organizations and clubs have also started using specific colors to spread awareness about a cause they support. Pink is a common color used to help support cancer survivors and raise more funds to research for a cure. Lanyards in this color have been used as an alternative to a pink ribbon.

4. Lanyards can be used as awards

There are a lot of companies who have used lanyards to recognize loyalty and hard work. Special lanyards in distinct colors with messages printed on them have been given out to employees who have tenure or have achieved a milestone.

There are sales companies that give a special edition lanyard to associates who hit or exceed their sales quotas. This makes owning the lanyard a status symbol for their associates. It creates friendly competition and encourages others to work hard to hit their quotas as well.

Some customer service companies give out special lanyards for commendations. Representatives are encouraged to work harder to deliver the best service to their customers to receive these special lanyards.

Badge lanyards then become something similar to medals that boost employees’ confidence and morale.

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Tips to Keep Your Golf Clubs in Mint Condition

If you want your golf clubs to perform better and last longer, you need to learn how to maintain and care for them properly.

Because these pieces of equipment are usually played on the field, it is highly exposed to dirt, soil, rough debris, and even chemicals that are used to treat the golf course. Little by little, these elements will build up on your equipment. If not removed immediately, they can scratch your club heads, and clog the groves near the club face.

If you are using a graphite shaft, you need to be extra careful with your equipment because they are extremely fragile. In addition, its soft fibers can easily be corroded if you do not clean it regularly. You also need to make sure that the grips are tight and well-maintained.

Although your golf clubs need regular care and maintenance, it does not mean that it is a complicated and daunting task.Liquid dish washing soap, water, and a used toothbrush are enough for your basic cleaning needs.

To learn more about properly handling your golf equipment, check out this comprehensive guideline below.

1. Keep your equipment indoors

golf clubAvoid storing them inside your car trunk or garage because these places tend to get extremely hot, especially during the hot summer months. Extremely high temperatures will not destroy your shaft and club head. However, the resins under your grip will become loose and weak. Too much humidity can also cause your golf clubs to rust quickly.

These pieces of equipment can be stored in your car trunk for a short period of time while you travel towards the golf course. But for long term storage purposes, you should think about keeping them in your basement, bedroom, or indoor gym.

2. Immediately clean off any dirt after you make your shot

Whenever you play golf outside, make sure that you bring a little hand towel with you always. After you finish a shot, use that cloth to clean off any small debris that accumulates in the club face. If you remove the grass and little chunks of soil on the groves, your shots will be smoother and more accurate. In addition, it will also be easier for you to clean your equipment at the end of the day.

3. Use head covers

If you are using a variety of wooden golf clubs, then you should protect each of them using head covers. When you place these pieces of equipment in a golf bag, they might constantly bump into each other and create cracks on their surfaces.

The head cover will ensure that your equipment will not be damaged even though you are constantly moving around the golf course. This protective cover is highly recommended for players who are using delicate wooden clubs. But if you are using iron ones, you do not really need to buy this item.

4. Clean your irons using lukewarm water

If you are cleaning your iron clubs, make sure that the water is not too hot because it might damage the ferrules of your equipment. Add a gentle dish washing liquid soap to your lukewarm water. Make sure that the amount of water is enough to submerge the head of your club. However, make sure that you do not soak the shaft.

Allow the club head to be soaked in the water for at least ten minutes. Afterwards, scrub off any dirt on the grove using an old toothbrush. Then, gently brush the remaining parts of the club head. Pour clean water over the head, and dry it using a towel. If you there are any rust spots left, remove it using fine grade steel wool. Any type of golf club can last for a long period of time, as long as you know how to take care of it.